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Journal "Pedagogy and Psychology"

Article review procedure

The journal contains the following headings: Methodology and Theory of Pedagogy and Psychology; History of Pedagogy and Psychology; Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy; Innovations in Education; Problems and prospects of Education; Modern Methods and Technologies of Education; Education, Culture and Art in the context of the national idea «Мangilik el»; Rukhani Zhangyru: scientific, educational and cultural space; Yong Researcher.


All articles must undergo an open reviewing (external and internal), editorial expertising and one-way blind (anonymous) reviewing.

The requirements for the article structure:

- II STI (Interstate index of scientific and technical information) – in the language of the article;

- the author’s full name (capital letters in italic, initials before the last name) – in the language of the article;

- e-mail address;

-the place of work (study), city, country (in the language of the article);

- the article title (located in the center and typed with bold capital letters, – in the language of the article;

-the abstract (in the language of the article) - 100-200 words;

- the keywords / phrases (5-10 words), separated by semicolons (in the language of the article);

- the text of the article should include: introduction (relevance, scientific importance, purpose of the study), the main body (literature review, used methods, and the outcomes) and conclusion;

            - references should be listed in alphabetical order with end-to-end numbering. The links in the text should be formatted in square brackets, it is not allowed to use special delimiters like «//» and «-». Using automatic pagination is not permitted. The references should contain at least 20 sources published during the last 3 years, including not less than 10 foreign sources. The use of articles published in the Scopus and Web of Science databases will be considered as an advantage;

- abstracts (into the bank account of the University two other languages, for example: if the article is in English, two more abstracts should be added in Kazakh and in Russian - 100-200 words.

All the materials should be prepared in accordance with the requirements and carefully edited. The Editorial Council reserves the right to select articles to be published in the journal, to change the headlines, cut articles and make all the necessary stylistic corrections without the authors’ consent. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts published in the articles. The Еditorial board opinion may be different from the published materials authors’ opinion. The rejected articles are not re-accepted or considered by the Editorial Council. The manuscripts are not returned.

The volume of the article (not including II STI, the title, information about authors, annotation and keywords) should be at least 2100 words and not exceed 5000 words (from 7 to 16,5 pages, 1 page - approximately 300 words). Starting with 2019, the volume requirements for the article have been changed in accordance with the requirements of  the Scopus database.