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«Psychology» Series

Kazakh National Pedagogical National University named after Abai 

BULLETIN «Bulletin KazNPU named after Abai» Series «Psychology»

Editor in chief

doctor of psychological sciences., academician, professor

Zh.I. Namazbayeva

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

doctor of psychological sciences, professor, Abai KazNPU Satova A.K.

Executive Secretary:

candidate of psychological sciences,

associate professor, Abai KazNPU

Zhigitbekova B.D.

The editorial board members:

S.B. Malykh doctor of psychology, professor, academician of RAE, 

academician-secretary of the Department of age psychology and physiology of RAE

N.L. Nagibina (Germany), director of the International Institute of Differential Psychology,

doctor PhD, Ph.D. psychologist, professor.

Jaroslav Rola, Institute of Psychology, Academy of Special Pedagogy. Maria Grigorevskaya.

PhD doctor of psychological sciences, prof.

A.T. Akazhanova – doctor of psychological sciences, professor, Abai KazNPU

A.Ulunova Candidate of Psychology, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Political Science and Socio-Cultural Technologies, Sumy State University 

A.B. Konysbayeva – master of psychological sciences, teacher, Abai KazNPU

A.O. Dysenbayeva --master of psychological sciences, teacherAbai KazNPU